Chaipatty is a one man initiative the one man being Chirag Yadav, a "Jack of all trades and Master of some too". Chirag is an Electronics engineer with specialization in Embedded systems, a trained Salsero, an Art curator, a Blogger, a Cook, a Sportsperson and above all an amazing Marketing guy. He has been in the corporate mundane field for close to 5 years before he took Salsa full time for almost an year and then realized there is more to creativity than just dancing.

That's when he tried his hands at recreational consulting and started the activity/creativity method of transforming stress in personal and professional lives. It was a unique way of letting one's hair down in an exclusive setup like the Chaipatty hub. He was already into Creative Branding & Marketing and now with Chaipatty he also had a unique Activity hub. It was a honest change from the ordinary hobby clubs or like he called them- Bored Housewives Club. Chaipatty was a cross between a Chowpatty(A place along the beach in Juhu, Mumbai) & Chaipatti (Tea leaves). Chowpatty which is synonymous with a place that's super approachable but even in the hustle bustle one still gets their attention and craving satisfactions. The other Chaipatti (Tea leaves going into a nice cup of bed tea or breakfast tea) is the freshest thing to begin one's day in the morning (Most people start their day with a nice cup of Tea) and here at Chaipatty that's an experience one can expect.

Chaipatty being synonymous with Chai soon got us thinking and setting up our very first Chai Shack or Teafe(Tea Cafe short form) as we call it. It was purely on impulse that got us the spot, the shack like roadside ambience with floor seating, very rustic with lots of colours and ofcourse Chirag donning the host's role. Chaipatty Teafe is a Chai place for the best Chai, Maggi, Pakodas and so many other things. Its a mini art store with jewellery & Home decor items put for sale. And as our foremost avatar we do activity workshops on things like Salsa, Pottery, Bartending, Photography, Film Making and Dessert Making.

We on date have a total of 3 Chaipatty Teafes, the first one being Indiranagar also our HQs, one in Thippasandra managed by Chirag's Mom-Pushpa Aunty. Come visit us today.