Hi chirag,

i am rajika. i'd visited chai patty on sunday evening and made the blunder of asking "tea to go". but then the experience of sippin chai from the handcrafted khulad, just looking at men and women enjoyin chai n maggi(was it really maggi) was great..and the chai was great too. i just navigated through your website and what i saw prompted me shoot this mail. its "de tali" time for your amazing endeavor. a wonderful thought put into action without a minute of boredom for you...wowie. i honestly appreciate your vision...2
Mihir Joshi

We like you Bherry bherry Much. New website awesomely done. :) I loved the coming soon tab on that website. :)
Sanket More

Had an awesome evening yesterday at Chaipatty..! It is now so crowded as compared to few months ago..! Finally with the crowd growing, when I ordered for the second glass of Lassi Chirag says "Sirjee maine yek lassi pahuncha diya, dusra order mushkil hai.! Im not taking the running order, yet I ll try putting the order as the last preference." Finally a while later he arrives with a glass of Sweet Lassi.:) Felt pleasant.. And it was a very special evening because I had the company of my best friend Ankitha Nayak.. :) Looks like Chaipatty community is all around.. :)
Ishita Priyadarshini

I went to Chaipatty for the first time yesterday. And loved the place. Had vegetable maggi. Loved that, too. Loved the lights as well. Want to come back soon. Again & again.

Hi Chirag,

Sindhu here. I dropped by Chaipatty yesterday noon! (I was the clickin pictures of the cute chairs ) Awesome ambience,loved loved loooorrrvved the maggi! I was one of those who thought why eat maggi outside if U can make it at home *u know, 2 min maggi & everything * but Boy oh boy, did it blowww my mind ! The taste,the veggies u get,I'm head over heels in love with the maggi that u serve!!

I was part of ur page in FB fr a long time now, I saw few photos when bakasura team was thr,so u cn say I was followin :D I stay on other part of B'lore so its naturally far and I was like "I HAVE TO GO TO THAT PLACE,SOMEDAY" ! U cn say It was more like an obsession ! :D

And the Hype..I thought what could b so much in tat maggi that ppl r goin ga-ga over it ! Since I hadnt tried anywr outside, not even at someone's place * unless I was the one to cook* ;) , I was none to judge except come thr and try it myself !

It was a perfect noon,and I loved thoroughly Just sittin thr with my bestie, sippin on the best chai *I agree* & the best maggi EVER ! U get that homely feel when u're sittin on one of those cute lil chairs,and I dont know if its just me, or everyone..that maggi is like somethin that U cook fr someone u love ! Not just any maggi..its THE MAGGI :)

*Sigh* I'm sure u get these appreciations a LOT .. But truely, WELL DONE :)

We did a mistake yesterday, by not ordering early and we took time just to see around and by the time we ordered maggi and chai , it was late [we had to b back at another place before 3] and we got our maggi around 2.45 !! And my friend missed her cab to office :D But when I apologized to her *Since I pulled her into comin here* , she was like " It was definately worth the wait,and missing cab"

Anyhoooo, I just wanna say,absolutely love the place :) I'd say " Its one of the best things ever happened to me,lately"

'M definitely coming back more often fr maggi and more :)

Nikita V Patil

me and my two best friends just dropped by chai patty for the first time and we LOVED it! :) we three can talk endlessly when we are together and i felt this place is made for people like us! :D loved the seating on the floor, the kitsch, the desi andaaz of the "teafe" :) i am complete tea person, and i loved the kullad chai! the food was great too, with the simple ghar ka khaana taste :)

i have to tell you i love ur website. its tacky at the same time smart. a friend told me about this place and you won't believe it ,well i guess u will, i came thrice to indranagar and saw the crowd and went back ... but nonetheless came back and been a frequent chaitpatty girl!! love the ambience and of couse your charm makes it come alive!! i tell all my friends about you!! keep rocking and all the best


I visited this place on a Friday evening. A comfortable and cute little place, Chai Patty has something to offer to people of all kinds. You just need to be a person to enjoy some quality time, with friends or alone. Complete with a rack of some super cool books and light Bollywood numbers playing in the background, this place left me mesmerized. It’s quirky and interesting (do have a look at the graffiti!!). It is a place where you could have fun just by observing the busy 100ft road, looking at people seated there or walking by. With its unusual seating arrangements, (you can sit on charpoys or bamboo seats..if you want there’s even a perfect wall) and mix of a variety of knick knacks, Chai Patty has sure become one of the happening places for the people of Indiranagar. The menu is also all set to tingle your taste buds with a combination of Indian and foreign dishes. Of course, the kulhad chai is a must have. The menu is also rightly priced for anyone who understands the importance of a good, relaxing ambience. All in all, it is attention catching and an awesome place. So Chai Patty will definitely see me again!!

Pragya Jain

Dropped into Chaipatty, Indiranagar for the first time. The Maggi with vegetables is GRREAT FUN!! :-) Tried some other stuff too, all quite good. Saw some fun options on the menu including some interesting desi breakfast combos - alu mutter bhaaji with ajwain bread/anda bhurji/aloo tikki sandwiches/masala tea/masala lemonade etc.
I'm goin back soon


Today was my 2nd visit to Chaipatty... I love this place. Wanted to explore more stuffs in coming days.. Extremely happy to found this place in the heart of city, ver i can enjoy Tea+ snacks by relaxing on floor...

Ritu Ganguly

Santanu Majumdar

Srishti Sardhana

An evening of conversation with me and myself.

Ginger. Milk. Patty... Rage. Thought. Conversations.

There are the young and the not-so-young serving the steaming maggi and kullads of chai (There were the peppy service-men (who would look like you and I, for they are the commoners and not the elitists of a world that remains unapproachable to those of us seeking respite from the madness of a mindless world. This is an asset of Chaipatty, for it probably hires those who speak our dialect, come from humble homes and work with the spirit of being just who they truly are).

There is a sense of life in the food, with its home-bound errors of salt and sugar in blends that one might or might not have a taste for; but there is a home-ness, a sense of being erroneous in your own kitchen and the freedom of 'just being'. I squatted with my back leaning along the glass door of a shut-down ex-partnered showroom right next to the kitchenette, with aroma of chai, maggi and pakoda; with bitter-sweet exchanges of Chirag and his 'gang of men'. There is an uncanny 'personal-touch' to the demeanor, for the tables are not numbered, nor are the menus stalled at your allotted seats! You create your own space herein, with your own desires of tastes and conversations. You could choose to remain oblivious to the crowd or blend in, for amid the crowd of families and non-families, your eyes would capture the silence of the Sanyaasi on the painting atop the furniture. You could meditate in your reverie and be consumed by the Sanyaasi's saffrons and mustards..the bull with gaping chai-struck eyes gazing through to you from the walls of the kitchenette, while the commoner-service-men or perhaps Chirag himself, would serve you your kullads of chai and fill your silence with their own spaces.

Perhaps we are treading afar from our indigenous selves and conforming to the trends of masking our realities, for that is the need of an India that is catching-up with the Westeners; but Chaipatty reminds you of a you lost in that conformity. It is mindless to just sit there and sip your kullads of chai, for Chirag could be a witty man, and not everyone appreciates wit. But it reminds you of a missing humor in your life.. if you missed looking at the menu hanging atop the service counter, he would probably remark 'It's right up there, Look!' and that is what reminded me to start to look at the obvious in me and on the outside. You would have to wait for your food, for in our country we wait for our PAN cards and passports and outside Sulabh Shauchalyaa.. and this is a reminder that Chaipatty retains being Indian. There are no embellishments.. there are no service men who would bow down to your queries.. because they are just us. just as human as human we can be.

A short stint with Chaipatty has evoked those emotions, I would say, of a lost and forgotten Indian-ness and those of us who have forgotten, I would repeat, our indigenous selves may be aversed by such reminders.. I would however, revisit Chaipatty on all such evenings when the pseudo-self of my persona would be tired of putting a face-up for a world to applaud, perhaps only to revisit who I really am, in my simplest, humblest and home-est selves.

An evening to cherish!