We are a roadside chai place thats a cross between a college canteen and roadside tea stall. We are a great snack place and perfect for that 4pm hunger pang. We are for 'Come one Come all" and welcome everyone from students, professionals, families, friends, couples, colleagues and even pets.

We sell Maggi, Pakodas, Sandwiches, Pastas, Momos & ofcourse Chai, Kullad Chai to be specific and we want to clarify two things:

1) Our Chai is not expensive. Have you ever bothered how a CCD or any other Cafe's coffee is justified at being froth and with taxes at Rs.60-70. Can't u make better coffee at home then why complain on our Chai and compare it to the inexpensive one you prepare at home or the one you see roadside or in a bakery. The same sells coffee and badam milk too just in case u missed that. Moreover for a Rs.2/- tea bag treatment of hot water for which you can shell atleast 40bucks or even 60 bucks at places.

2) Our Kullads are not bought but handmade at our own pottery classes. They are clay and not mud Kullads and hence stronger for multiple use for a week or two. But that also doesn't mean we don't clean them in between rounds. For everyone's information they are left soaked in hot water almost every 2-3 days and are cleaned well with a scrubber and lemon rind on the necks to keep them safe for multiple use. So please stop comparing our kullads to the shoddy mud ones u get on trains till Laaloo was Railways Minister or the ones u get roadside for 2-3bucks.

We are an art store with emphasis on unique handpicked products that are mostly from non productionised labels and still very much fall in the line of limited edition, unique and for a select few kind of work. We soon would also have our own merchandise and yes it would be productionised but in small numbers with loads of freshness and kitsch feel to it. Wait till we surprise you rather pleasantly.

We also believe in being a one stop hangout for all your creativity cravings so expect creative workshops on almost anything that most fiddle with whether its their legs on the dance floor, an expensive DSLR, drinks at a house party, earthy stuff like clay/glass/plants/wood, or food cravings and desserts. Come to Chaipatty and just be engrossed in "Life" and ofcourse its most beautiful creation "You" yourself. Fall in love with simplicity, nature and a time when loneliness too is bliss. Come and experience a whole new unattached and uncluttered yet cutely haphazard space we call Chaipatty Teafe.