The Story

Chaipatty - The idea and the name 24th Dec 2009

It was a starry December night, when in the last week of the year, I had my usual routine of introspecting about the year gone by. I had worked in the corporate field for over 4yrs, part-timed as a Salsa instructor for many years and had even had a stint of about a year setting up one of the best Salsa dance schools in Bangalore under the name Furor. Now with an experience of having interacted with the personal and creative sides of so many people during my stint in Bangalore, coming up with an idea wasn't too hard but I knew that now I had to get it right. Keeping my skill of Salsa as the core of the creative foray, I started a small Activity Hub with my friend which would give a unique and exclusive non run-of-the-mill experiences to people who are pretty dulled out from their mundane work lives.

I wanted the name to be reminiscent of the freshest thing that first comes to people's mind and something that is comparable to a space that is very approachable. We blended Chowpaaty/Chowpaatti & Chaipatti to form Chaipatty. Yes, you would ask why not Chaipatti? And we would say that our Panditji approved the "Y" numerologically and so did our southern copyright consultants obsessed with "Hs" and "Ys". The look of the logo was created over an interesting Old Monk brainstorming session with my friend. Infact, a whole new font got fancily created out of a design depicting a tea leaf or smoke brewing from a cup! We kept twisting and turning till we got all our characters. It still is an "Alien" language to most but trust me, I was, and am, very proud of having created a font and thereby a beautiful logo for myself.