The Story

How we related with our audience and their take on us!! 27th Dec 2010

Our attempt was to slowly add a few small eats and mid sized meals to our menu, keeping the otherwise "Chatorapan" nature of The Indian Taste Buds intact. We were an instant hit with youngsters and soon found them coming over with not just more friends, but also family and colleagues from work, giving our cute little Teafe a "Come one, Come All" look. We loved it when the rather authoritative father figures splurged on pakodas with their better halves and their little ones slurped on Maggi straight from the bowls; couples came and engrossed themselves intellectually with the soulful music and conversations that lasted hours together; guys and gals got their folks who were visiting them on a holiday for a unique Chai time home like experience or even a company post lunch chai meeting cum recreational get together celebrating a promotion or account win.