The Story

Upcoming Indiranagar Bigger & Better

Indiranagar Chaipatty also the first and the oldest has been a small 700sqft open air verandah serving you the best Chai, Pakodas and Maggi. We have tried a lot with the menu keeping mostly everything fresh and home-style cooked suiting almost everyone's taste buds. You have always compared the Indiranagar spot and found it bigger better to all the other Chaipattys. We have always told that it would be difficult replicating what we did at Indiranagar and it will not be very long before the Landlord or BBMP will find hassles in our spot as we grow more and more popular.

So the time has come to slowly move into a sustainable and long term proposition keeping all the feel good factors of the concept intact and taking your experience to a new high. Yes high we are going and bringing you an exclusive hangout pleasure with more seating. Did you come and try the new Indiranagar Chaipatty???? We have a nice outside staircase balcony smoking section & a wonderful inside space overseeing the road below through the glass wall on one side. It's almost as big as the old space. Go & check it out.