The Story

Somewhere on the side came a surprise!! 21st Oct 2010

We had also forayed into Social media marketing and creative marketing on a parallel front under our parent brand- Projexionz and were now getting leads for brand engagements using activities as a medium. Soon came Forum, The Verandah, Mother Earth, Body & Soul and Puma with requirements of one or another form of branding/marketing. Out of them, Mother Earth really gave us a nice brand exposure. When Body & Soul asked us if we could do something unique at their Indiranagar centre for their launch, for the first time, we set our eyes upon the open Verandah space which just wowed us. Soon we got talking and negotiating and we had the space with us signed and delivered on 21st October 2010. We had mixed ideas about making this into a loungish place or a very rustic desi place. Finally simplicity and rustic-ness won us over and we created what is now called Chaipatty Teafe. We started small with floor mats, muddas, home made snacks like maggi, pakodas and kullad chai and soon had all bachelor-pad food cravings rolled into one place. All that the customers ever complained about was when we would introduce 'Daaru" (Alcohol)??