The Story

Chaipatty's Tryst with Ruskin Bond

Once upon a time a famous boy lived called Rusty, who had written at the age of seventeen an award winning book called "The Room on the Roof".

He grew up to write many more and henceforth was known as "Bond", not James Bond but Ruskin Bond. A legend for most, he was called to Bangalore for celebrating Landmark booksellers and Penguin India's 25yrs celebrations. Before the main event a press meet was called and he was kind enough to approve of Penguin's choice of a small cozy tea shop as a venue giving Chaipatty the pride of hosting him.

To most he was a fine gentleman but to us he was a naughty yet cute little monster giving interview after interview over several Kullads of Chai. He didnt eat much himself but gladly offered pakodas to every bystander with a smile totally charming us with his still visible boarding school etiquette & pleasantries. In the end he was sport to get pics clicked with us and even offer a small autographed frame that's a prized possesion at Chaipatty now.