The Story

What we did to begin with?? 11th Feb 2010

We started off with a Salsa & Photography batch at home, which, being a duplex also worked well as a studio. Though the Photography workshop had just the odd one or two takers, my Salsa reputation did get me enough numbers to start a batch. We also got our very first corporate batch with OnMobile. The Salsa classes became more regular with 2 batches going strong. The photography batches refused to start and slowly there was this feeling of one man's efforts trickling down. Partnerships were a failed experience for me, and my friend and I soon split and I went solo. Now to do things as a one-man-army needed a lot of persistence and ofcourse, hard work. But being a great multi-tasker and otherwise part-perfectionist, I soon started getting my way with things. We sweetly partnered with Canon and did a round of photography workshops with great response. We added bartending & film-making to the ecletic mix and got more visibility for the whole thing. Even unheard of workshops like those on DJing, Tarot Reading and Tea-making were tried by us.